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About Me

Hello there! My name is Parvez and I would like to welcome you to my blog – Parvezish. You will find a glimpse of myself and my work on this page.

The Backstory

I grew up in Ahmedabad — now India’s first World Heritage City — as an introvert, socially awkward guy who would spend most of his time with his computer. I spent my teenage years being clueless and chasing the idea of the ‘perfect life.’ According to its definition, I was supposed to pursue a degree or two, find a kick-ass job, and get married. Pretty simple.

As a teenager, I maintained a blog as a hobby where I used to put my thoughts in free time. As I grew up, the lack of time and dedication made me abandon that blog. I received my training in Information Technology and started my professional life as an ‘IT guy.’ I later joined a multinational company where I worked 12-13 hours straight – at night!

About Parvez Shaikh Parvezish
At the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat, India

Mine was a wonderful life, according to everyone around me. But soon came a point when I grew tired of being trapped inside the office building, surrounded by a bunch of ‘robots,’ and chasing a dream that wasn’t mine.

I realised that dealing with the pressure of keeping a shitty job, maintaining relationships, and following the idea of the ‘perfect life’ wasn’t for me. And one fine day I decided that I couldn’t keep going on like that forever.

I left my job and spent the next few months maintaining a new tech blog. I realised during this period that I didn’t want my life to be perfect. I wanted it to be happy. And from that day on, I made it my life-goal: To lead a happy life in every possible way.

I decided to go on a trip to Dubai as a short getaway. This first solo trip helped me come out of my comfort zone. I overcame my fears and most importantly, I discovered myself. Turns out, travelling was the single best decision I had taken in a long time. This experience inspired me to continue my travel.

How I travel

For me, travelling means happiness. I hadn’t been happier before and this is why I decided to continue travelling. This journey is not only to explore destinations, it’s a journey of discovering myself.

I travel solo without a specific travel-style and prefer to mix things up. I am neither a backpacker nor a luxury traveller. I usually don’t make plans and follow my intuition to make decisions.

Parvezish at Shuklaphanta National Park in Nepal
Exploring a jungle in Nepal

Travelling the cheapest way possible is not my goal. I just want to travel the best way possible. I stay in ultra-affordable hostels, luxurious hotels, and home-stays depending on the place I am travelling to.

Instead of visiting famous landmarks, I prefer wandering around unknown places. I am a slow-traveller and I don’t have a bucket-list of places to rush to. I spend weeks — sometimes months — at the same place. I use this time to learn more about the place, its culture, its people, and their cuisine.

The most interesting part about my journey is the people I meet. I try to blend humanity with my travels and often rely on people’s help. I walk a lot and when walking doesn’t seem to work, I use public transport. I eat where locals eat and shop where locals shop. This way I am able to become closer to people.

I choose to see the world through a child’s eyes which helps me travel better.

What lies ahead

Breaking the Stereotypes, Exploring the Unexplored is not just a tagline. It’s my life in one sentence. I left things behind as I couldn’t cope with the stereotypical thinking of our society. And with every step I take in a new place, I break those stereotypes.

Life without a kick-ass job, a few millions in your bank account, and a life-partner doesn’t really suck. My life is perfect in every sense, in fact. Most people around me don’t get this life. “What’s the point?” they ask. This is the same question I kept asking myself all those years.

Now I have turned my life into a journey – a journey far more exciting than it could have been had I decided to keep living my mediocre life.

Parvezish with a Kitty
There’s always a good time to pet a kitty

After that Dubai trip in late 2016, I started Parvezish to serve as a place to put my thoughts, to share my journey with the world. I don’t aim to make this a place to find travel information — there are plenty of other resources for that. I focus on stories, experiences, and human interactions most of the time.

I never knew what started as a teenage hobby would turn into a full-time profession one day. But I connected the dots and it all made sense to me.

Find my work interesting? Let’s talk

I am always looking for ways to collaborate with individuals/organisations. If you need more information, please see work with me page.

Do you have a suggestion about the content on Parvezish? I would love it if you leave a feedback.

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