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Hello there! My name is Parvez and I would like to welcome you to Parvezish. You will find a glimpse of me and my work on this page.

Parvezish - Parvez Shaikh on Travel, Life and Happiness
Parvez Shaikh at the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat, India

From a stereotype life..

Ask anyone about Parvez Shaikh from a few years ago. I’m sure you will come to know about an introvert, socially awkward guy who would spend most of his time with his computer.

After getting education and training in IT, I worked for a couple of companies as ‘an IT guy.’ This hard working ‘guy’ would fix up computer problems and always be ready to solve things out.

That was the time when I was blindly following the unwritten definition of ‘the perfect life.’ I was chasing a kick-ass job, thinking of getting married and ‘settling down.’

It might be hard but not impossible to leave your mediocre life behind.

I don’t think I should get into more details, but my life was simply boring and mediocre. I always had a feeling that something was missing, but I wasn’t sure what exactly it was.

After realizing that my life basically sucked and I didn’t want to keep living that way, I reached a point when I would do anything to escape that life. “Right, what’s better than to travel?” I thought. So I made a new year resolution in 2016: Travel to at least one country on my own before the year ends.

..to a travel life of my dreams

Travelling the world is a dream almost everyone had in their childhood. What holds most of us back from that dream is mostly money and our comfort zone.

It took me a lot of efforts to get out of my comfort and leave everything behind. But when I finally began my first solo travel, I realized I had discovered what was missing from my stereotype life: Freedom!

Its Better to See Something Once Quote

Cut to present day, I am still an introvert but I am living a life that many only dream of. I travel the globe, get to know people, learn about their culture, hear their stories, try their cuisine, and basically do everything I would have never done if I had chosen to live with my mediocre life.

Travelling helped me come out of my comfort zone. I overcame my fears and most importantly, I discovered myself. Turns out, travelling was the single best decision I had taken in a long time.

Many people around me don’t get this life. “What’s the point?” they ask. This is the same question I asked my self when I was living my mediocre life.

Who you are is how you travel..

I travel solo without a specific travel style and prefer to mix things up. This ‘cocktail’ of different travel styles such as backpacking, affordable travel or luxury travel helps me enjoy a little bit of everything. I usually don’t make plans and follow my intuition to make decisions.

I choose to see the world through a child’s eyes which helps me travel better.

Travelling the cheapest way possible or without money is never my goal. I just want to travel the best way possible. I stay in ultra-affordable hostels, luxurious hotels, and homestays depending on the place I am travelling to.

While visiting a place, I prefer to spend enough time there and get used to the place and its people. I don’t have a bucket list of places to rush to. I take my time to explore places instead of running from one place to another and boast about it later.

Instead of visiting a famous landmark, I prefer wandering around unknown places.

You can live a travel life of your dreams, too..

We all have been through a time when we think about escaping our life. I started Parvezish to let people know that there’s more to life than a 9 to 5 job, getting married, and raising kids. It’s definitely okay to take a break for yourself.

If you ever feel locked up in your life, go travel to a new place for a while. I am sure you will stop complaining and start appreciating your life more than ever.

Everyone deserves a getaway.

Through Parvezish, my goal is to inspire and help my readers achieve their travel goals. Whether it’s temporary vacation or a life-long journey, I can help you plan and execute your getaway.

Thinking about starting a blog or becoming a travel writer? I can help you with your goals.

At last, travel life might not be for everyone. If you are unsure whether living out of a suitcase is right for you, you can contact me to help you take a decision.

Find my work interesting? Let’s talk..

I would love to work with organizations/individuals. If you need more information about me, please Work with Me.

Do you have a suggestion about the content on Parvezish? I would love it if you leave a feedback.

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Page last updated: 22nd July 2017.

Say Goodbye to That Mediocre Life

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