Faces of Bhutan

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During my time in Bhutan, I spent three nights at a farm house in Paro, got invited to join Buddhist monks for a lunch, visited some interesting places, and ate some delicious food. Bhutan also turned out to be an interesting country for one my favourite activities: People watching.

I love to observe people busy in their daily life. Whenever I travel to a new place, I visit different places like local markets where I can observe people. I usually pick a corner and spend my time observing locals as they engage in different activities. Markets, temples, streets, countryside, parks etc. are some usual places I prefer to visit to observe people.

Most interesting people I met in Bhutan were at Buddhist temples. Children, young adults, elders — everyone regularly visit temples to pray. Most elders visit these temples almost everyday. Watching them circumambulating a temple is something I can never get tired of. At every temple I visited in Bhutan, I saw elders in groups who would pray together, then sit down and get busy with their discussions.

Faces of Bhutan is a collection of some of my favourite photographs I captured in different parts of this Beautiful Himalayan country.

Faces of Bhutan

A Girl Clipping Nails in Paro Bhutan

A Woman in Streets of Paro Bhutan

A Street of Paro Bhutan

Kids at a Monastery in Bhutan

A Monk with Red Lips in Paro Bhutan

A Woman in Paro Bhutan

A Young Boy in Paro Bhutan

An Elderly Woman Memorial Chorten Thimpu Bhutan

A Buddhist Monk By a Wall in Bhutan

A Man Circumambulating at Memorial Chorten Bhutan

Two Women Circumambulating at Memorial Chorten Thimpu Bhutan

A Bhutanese Girl Engaging in Conversation with Tourists

Two Men Engaged in a Conversation in Bhutan

An Elderly Woman Praying at a Temple in Bhutan

A Woman Praying in Thimpu Bhutan

A Buddhist Monk Seeking Alms in Thimpu Bhutan

Two Women in A Street of Thimpu

A Bhutanese Man in Thimpu

An Indian Man in Phuntsholing Bhutan

A Group of Men in Phuntsholing Bhutan

An Elderly Woman at a Temple in Phuntsholing

A Man Circumambulating Around a Temple in Phuntsholing

An Elderly Man in A Street of Thimpu

A Woman Carrying A Child on Her Back in Bhutan

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