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March 2020, Kathmandu: A ‘sadhu’ poses for a picture
February 2021, Ahmedabad: A man prays at Rani Rupmati mosque
December 2021, Ahmedabad: A postman leaves after delivering letters to a man
December 2020, Ahmedabad: A man praying at Jama Mosque
November 2020, Pokhara: A young girl posing for a picture in her festive clothes ahead of Tihar festival
July 2018, Hoi An, Vietnam: A floating candle seller’s face lit up by candle light
July 2021, Pokhara, Nepal: A sadhu posing for a picture in a residential neighbourhood
2018, Ajmer, Rajasthan: A milkman with orange turban and big moustache smiles at camera
2018, Ajmer, Rajasthan: A milkman in colourful turban poses for a picture
March 2021, Ahmedabad: A chicken up for sale at Sunday Market seems intrigued by the camera
October 2020, Pokhara, Nepal: A woman listening to radio
September 2021, Kathmandu: A ‘sadhu’ taking a nap at Padhupatinath temple complex
March 2020, Bhaktapur, Nepal: Men sitting outside a temple in Durbar Square area
September 2021, Kathmandu: A chicken shop
December 2020, Ahmedabad: Scene at Ratan Pol market