Street Photography

My approach to street photography is to document what is happening in and around the streets. I am mostly on the move, observing, looking for something but not sure what, taking interest in what’s going on, having small conversations, sharing cups of tea, and documenting how life in the streets is.

Empty, lifeless streets during ‘lockdowns’ in the last two years of the pandemic has strengthened my belief in the importance of documenting life in the streets. I focus less on the need of a street photograph being ‘interesting,’ instead focusing more on the moment.

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August 2021, Pokhara: A woman preparing pani puri by the Phewa lake
December 2021, Ahmedabad: A postman leaves after delivering letters to a man
December 2020, Ahmedabad: Scene at Ratan Pol market
March 2020, Bhaktapur, Nepal: Men sitting outside a temple in Durbar Square area
September 2021, Kathmandu: A chicken shop