Streets of Pushkar, Rajasthan

Streets of Pushkar, Rajasthan
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I went on a short trip to Rajasthan in late 2018 to visit Ajmer, a city known for the shrine of the Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti. After spending a few days eating and drinking, people-watching, and wandering around the city, I decided to go to Pushkar.

Pushkar, around 15 kilometres from Ajmer, is a colourful and interesting town. The ghats, the temples, the food, the people and their cloths — everything about Pushkar made me grateful for having made a decision to visit it.

My trip was just before the beginning of the Pushkar camel fair in November. Although I missed the opportunity to attend the fair, I was able avoid the influx of visitors that flock to this colourful town during the fair.

Streets of Pushkar is a collection of some photographs I took over the course of two days. I wish I could spend more time there but I would love to visit again whenever I get a second chance. Photos from the trip to Ajmer are available in Streets of Ajmer collection.

Streets of Pushkar

Women Chatting in Pushkar

A Woman Lighting Beedi

A Woman Holding Beedi

A Woman Smoking Beedi in Pushkar

An Elderly Woman at Pushkar Ghat

A Woman Holding Family Photo at Pushkar Ghat

A Woman with Family Photo At Pushkar Ghat

A Child Screams in Excitement at Pushkar Ghat

A Young Girl Holding a Child in Pushkar Rajasthan

A Young Boy Looking at Camera at Pushkar Ghat

A Woman Looks At Her Photograph in Pushkar Rajasthan

A Woman in Red Saari in A Street of Pushkar

A Boy Doing Homework Outside His House in Pushkar

A Blacksmith In Streets of Pushkar

A Sadhu in a Street of Pushkar

A Man with Cow in a Street of Pushkar

A Priest Near a Ghat in Pushkar Rajasthan

A Hindu Priest in Pushkar Rajasthan

A Sadhu in Pushkar Rajasthan

A Young Boy Smiles at Camera at Pushkar Fair Ground

Two Friends at Pushkar Fair Ground

A Young Girl Looks at Camera in Pushkar

A Boy Fascinated By Camera

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