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At A Vegetable Market in Delhi

It was nearly the end of February. I was on my way to Nepal and stopped in Delhi for three days. Having just bought Fujifilm X-100F camera, it was an opportunity to try it in ever bustling Old Delhi.

Parts of Delhi were under riot during these days and I was advised to avoid going out or clicking pictures to avoid unpleasant situation. I understood the concerns but wasn’t going to sit in my room staring at the ceiling for three days.

Walking around Old Delhi one morning, I came across a vegetable market which is known simply as ‘subzi mandi’ or… ‘vegetable market.’ I spent about an hour at this market, observing the fast pace of daily life of locals and clicking pictures.

I love being at open markets for many reasons — the people, the colours, the smells, the chaos — the combination of all of this make Indian and other Asian markets interesting for photography. Now that India and most of the world is under ‘lockdown’ due to COVID-19 pandemic, I miss these bustling markets and the life within them.

In this album, I am sharing some of the photographs taken at this small vegetable market in Old Delhi.