Print Store FAQs

When will my order ship/When will I receive the print(s)?

Orders ship within 2-3 working days. Depending on your address, it may take 2 to 10 days for you to receive the print(s) once the order is shipped.

Silver-based Photographic Prints – what does that mean?

Chromogenic aka Type-C prints are made on a photographic paper which is treated with a mixture of light-sensitive silver crystals. This is the closest modern printing comes to the traditional way of developing pictures from negatives in a darkroom, except that the image is projected on paper using lasers/LEDs instead of an enlarger.

Are your prints ‘archival?’

My prints are made on archival Fujifilm Crystal Archive 231 GSM Matte paper. Combined with the chromogenic/Type-C printing, the prints last at least 60 years in normal lighting conditions – that is, away from direct sunlight.

Are your prints signed?

No, prints are shipped unsigned, unless otherwise stated. But all limited edition prints have a Certificate of Authenticity included.

Is frame/matting/mounting included?

Frame/matting/mounting is not included due to hefty shipping charges and to give buyers the choice to display prints as they desire.

Why do your prints include a white border?

For aesthetics and allow for easy handling.

The size displayed – is it final print/paper size?

Yes. A 20×30 inch print, for example, means you will receive a 20×30 inch print – including borders. A print may be slightly smaller (up to 1.5mm on each side) than the stated size due to trimming tolerance.

What’s the size of the borders on your prints?

Border measurements are as follows (inches):

  • 8 x 12 and 12 x 18 prints: Longer edges – 1, shorter edges – 0.7
  • 16 x 24 and 20 x 30 prints: Longer edges – 1.5, shorter edges – 1
Can I cancel an order?

Prints are made-to-order. Orders once placed can not be cancelled. Please place an order only when you are sure about the purchase.

I placed an order by mistake! What now?

I have little control over stopping a print once the order has been placed and the printing process has started. But please contact me immediately after placing an incorrect order. Although it’s not guaranteed, it might be possible for me to cancel within a short time frame.

What if I received damaged print(s)?

Please contact me with pictures of the damage and I will reach out to our fulfilment parter for an exchange at my cost. It may be possible to get a refund in case the order can not be fulfilled. I might request you to return the damaged product.

Is customs duty included in the price?

Customs laws vary across the world. The buyer has to pay the customs duty, if any.