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J5 Rimal Hotel Apartments, Dubai – A Review

J5 Rimal Hotel Apartments, Dubai - A Review

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The idea behind my UAE trip was to complete an international trip on a tight budget. I was looking for budget-friendly accommodation and found Comfort Inn hotel to be the perfect choice.

Another thing I wanted to experience was a short stay in some costlier hotel to see how they differ from budget-hotels. This is what let me to book my stay with J5 Rimal Hotel Apartments.

If I had to finish this review in one word, I would say – Perfect. But I would be more than happy to pen-down a detailed review for this hotel which met my expectations in return of the amount of money I had paid.


While booking hotels for my trip, I was looking for hotels that had a metro or bus station nearby as I wanted to avoid taxi costs. I also wanted to make sure my hotels had places for shopping and dining in close distance.

The location of J5 Rimal Hotel Apartments was perfect in this sense. The hotel is just about 4.5 KMs from Dubai International Airport. The nearest metro station is Al Rigga metro station – which is less than a kilometer away and easily reached on foot. Al Bakhit Centre is the nearest bus stop, also easily reached on foot within minutes.

Classic Studio King Room - J5 Rimal Dubai
Classic Studio King Room

The Al Rigga road nearby is full of places for dining. You can find everything from local food to international cuisine, fast food and sweets in multi-cuisine restaurants, cafes and famous joints like Subway, KFC, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks etc. The best places to dine are within the range of just 2 KMs and can be easily reached on foot.

Places for shopping as well as money exchange and tourism services are also well within the reach. The Al Rigga mosque is the nearest place of worship and Gargash mosque is also nearby.


J5 Rimal Hotel had a friendly staff. While checking-in, I noticed a lady being explained about some activities and places by two staff members. Both of them were more than happy to answer the lady’s questions – a lot of them, in fact. This made a nice impression on me about the staff.

I also noticed the diversity of the staff which included members from UAE itself as well as India, Philippines and Pakistan. The staff was nicely trained, soft spoken and knew many languages including Arabic, English, Hindi, French, Filipino among others.

J5 Rimal Hotel Apartments Complimentary Service

My overall interaction with the staff was nice expect one incident not really worth sharing here.

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Room and Facilities

I booked a Classic Studio King room and requested it to be a non-smoking room. The room allotted to me was on a non-smoking floor.

The room was really well-made and I found the ambiance of the room pleasant. My room had a single bed with side tables, two chairs with a center table, a desk, and a nice wardrobe.

A kitchenette was also present which included a stove and a coffee/tea maker. Two small water bottles (500 ml), some coffee and tea bags, white and brown sugar etc. was given complimentary. A minibar was also present which was chargeable.

J5 Rimal Hotel Dubai - Minibar

The air-conditioning system was in perfect condition. Other facilities included hairdryer, iron with iron pad, fire extinguisher, television etc.

Bath gel, shampoo, and conditioner were present in the bathroom, which was nicely cleaned. Both cold and hot water was available in taps as well as in shower.

I found a copy of holy Quran in a drawer as well as a prayer mat.

My stay included breakfast buffet – a combination of Arabic and European dishes. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast in terms of options, quality and taste.

Not to forget the nasty door magnet near the entry. It hurt me many times – leaving the smallest finger (pinky?) of my left leg in pain.

The rooftop pool was a nice place to relax. Also present was a gym, steam room and sauna. Activities like Zumba dance took place regularly for guests.

A high-speed WiFi connection was available in all areas including my room, lobby and pool.

Checking-in and Checking Out

The check-in process was smooth and quick. I reached before the check-in time of 14:00 and showed the booking voucher on my phone. After confirming my booking, I was allotted a room in about 10 minutes.

The checkout process was even smoother. I paid for my phone call and I was done within a moment. That’s it.

It goes the same with almost every other hotel as well, I guess, unless you have been charged more than you were expecting or for something you didn’t use (like consumption from minibar).

J5 Rimal Hotel Apartments Review

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J5 Rimal Hotel Apartments: Overall Impression

Thanks to a friendly staff, clean room, fantastic breakfast, and everything else being just as I expected, my stay with J5 Rimal Hotel was perfect.

For an amount slightly higher than a three-star hotel, my stay at J5 Rimal – which is a four-star hotel – was close to a five-star hotel. I would recommend J5 Rimal Hotel Apartments as one of the best places to stay in Dubai.

If you don’t mind spending money om a pleasant experience, I am sure J5 Rimal Hotel Apartments will be a wonderful choice for you. You might be able to get the better rates by booking in advance.

How was your stay at J5 Rimal? Share with me! If you’re planning a trip to Dubai, make sure to checkout latest rates for J5 Rimal Hotel Apartments and hundreds of other hotels.

J5 Rimal Hotel Apartments Review
  • Location
  • Check-in and Checkout
  • Staff
  • Cleanliness
  • Facilities
  • Value for Money


From an ideal location to friendly staff and fantastic breakfast, my stay with J5 Rimal Hotel Apartments was perfect for the amount of money I paid.

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