5 Ways You Can Arrange Fund for Your Next International Trip

5 Ways You Can Arrange Fund for Your Next International Trip

I remember the time when I was dreaming about traveling the whole world. What lovely dream it was! I would just close my eyes and be anywhere I wanted to be. But dreams aren’t worth watching if they don’t come to reality. And to complete my dream I needed money.

This is when I started arranging funds for my first international trip. In this article, I will show you some ways you can arrange fund for your own trip.

1. Start Saving

Saving money is the most basic way of arranging funds for your trip. Save a fixed part of your earning every month. Deduct every necessary expense from your earning and try to save the remaining.

Use Piggy Banks

To make sure you end up saving a fixed part of your income every month, you can open a bank account dedicated for your trip fund. Just throw up all your saving in this account and forget about it until you think you have enough money to fund your trip.

There are many other ways to save money for your international trip. Read some of my tips here.

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2. Sell Unused Items

Saving money isn’t going to cut it when you are unable to save some good amount like me. I had trouble saving money even after changing my lifestyle completely. This is when I started getting rid of items I didn’t need.

I started making a list of items I could live my life without and ended up realizing what a luxurious life I was living! I could either keep that luxury OR go chase after my dream. Of course, I chose the latter one and started selling those items.

Oh, what a feeling it was – when I saw that money in my hands! It felt as good as it felt when I bought that stuff.

So start by taking a small tour of your house and make a list of stuff you don’t need. Then sell everything. Start a garage sale, or use online portals like eBay to put advertisements. You can also trade those items in return of something useful for your trip – like a camera.

3. Take a Loan from Your Bank

So you have started saving money, you sold everything with a heavy heart but you still need money, right? This is when you can ask your bank to loan you some money.

Go visit your bank, explain to them that you need a loan. This loan is mostly categorized under ‘personal loan’. These loans are easy to get approved – without must questions. Oh, and you don’t need a really huge amount. You’re not buying a house. So this amount is going to be rather small – but big enough to fund your travel.

Take a Loan from a Bank to Fund Your Vacation

Make sure to understand all their terms and conditions before you sign the agreement. You don’t want any problems later, do you? Also make sure if there is any pre-payment charge involved. It would be ideal if there is little or no pre-payment charge involved, so you can pay the loan back soon when you have some money left after your trip.

4. Rent Your House on Airbnb

Renting a house on Airbnb is one of the best ways to start making money from what you already have – a house. You don’t need to rent the whole house. It could be a spare room as well. In fact, you can offer your own room if you have enough space, and share it with the guest!

Rent House on Airbnb to Earn Money

Travelers, especially backpackers or budget travelers use Airbnb all the time. It helps them save money. So it won’t be a problem getting requests from them – depending on where you live. If you are living in or near a famous tourist spot, you will start getting a load of requests – eventually helping you make money.

Make sure to offer a nice place and treatment to your guests. They’re going to write a review about your listing. So be nice to them and stick to what you advertised.

5. Ask Parents / Relatives / Friends for Money

I know parents are the weirdest humans on earth and this one’s tough, but it works. You can ask your parents to fund your trip. It doesn’t need to be the whole cost of your travel. It could be any amount they could spare – or are willing to lend you. My parents lent me money when I went for my first trip and that money helped me a lot.

You can also ask other relatives or friends to lend you some money. This could be embarrassing but if your relatives/friends are nice enough to help you out without much advertisement of their ‘charity’, you’re in good company!

Just make sure to be clear when asking for money from your parents, relatives or friends. Tell them clearly why you need that money and you are going to pay them back. Trust plays a big role here, so explain everything and stick to your words.

Oh, and don’t blow up all that money your parents or relatives gave you. Of course, you will need to pay them back and you definitely should!

Arranging Fund for An International Trip: Summing Up

Arranging fund while you are on a limited income is tough. But when your goals are clear, everything works out in the end. I know it did for me, and it will work out for you as well.

Okay folks! These were some really basic and easy ways to arrange fund for an international trip. I hope you found them useful.

I know there are many other ways to make extra income and fund your vacation. if you have other tips, please share them with me. I will add them up here and also use them for my next trip!

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