10 Dubai Desert Safari Photos That Showcase the Beauty of the Desert

10 Dubai Desert Safari Photos That Showcase the Beauty of the Desert

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Hello there, fellow wanderers! I have just completed my 5-day Dubai trip and these 5 days has been the best 5 days of my life. I fell in love with this beautiful Arabian city from the very first glance I had at it from the sky.

After penning down the travel log of my 5 days in Dubai, I am moving to Abu Dhabi soon. But before I move my wagon to the capital of UAE, I wanted to share some of my photographs through my Photo Diary series.

In this photo diary edition, I am glad to present 10 Dubai Desert Safari photos that showcase the beauty of this Arabian desert. I hope you will like these photographs and I will love to receive your comments.

All these photos were taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T6 aka Canon EOS 1300D DSLR camera, equipped with an EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II lens.

None of these photos have been edited to make them look good. They are resized and compressed to save bandwidth and space, though. Any feedback/suggestion regarding improving my photography skills is welcome.

Enjoy my Dubai Desert Safari photos below.

1. Riding Quad Bikes in Dubai Desert

Driving Quad Bike At Dubai Desert

The first stop in Dubai Desert Safari trip serves two purposes. One: it gives your driver enough time to inflate his car’s tires and prepare the vehicle for the ride in the desert. Two: You can enjoy dune bashing on a quad bike and get personal with the desert.

This photo shows riders enjoying their quad bike ride.

2. A Close Look at the Desert

A Close Look at the Desert of Dubai

Just a random shot I took while observing the desert. The sand of desert looks very attractive – just like sparkling gold, doesn’t it? Dubai is called ‘city of gold,’ and besides the precious metal and oil this emirate is known for, this term refers to the desert, I guess. What do you think?

Also notice the pathway created by footprints of small creatures who reside in the desert. Deserts do have their secrets, don’t they?

3. Cars And Humans Leaving Their Marks

Cars And Humans Leaving Their Marks in the Dubai Desert

This photograph shows two things. One: Many cars have passed along from here. Two: Humans are damaging their own land.

If you look closely on the left, you can see someone has thrown plastic in the desert. While this may sound like an exaggeration to many, this is a fact that we are damaging the earth in many ways and dumping plastic bags and other things anywhere we wish is just one of them.

As humans, who have been gifted with a brain to understand the difference between good and evil, it is our responsibility that we take care of the place we depend on. Throwing garbage in the desert not only affects the beauty of the place, it also kills a large number of animals like camels.

A request to fellow travelers: Please do not throw garbage just anywhere as you please. Be responsible and set an example for others.

4. Walking in the Desert

Walking in the Dubai Desert

My legs, as you can see, are stuck in the sand. Oh boy, it feels so good walking in the desert! It’s tiring but fun.

5. The Sun Setting in the Desert

Sunset as seen from Dubai Desert

One of the best things about being in the desert is to be able to observe the sunset (or sunrise). Yes, we can see the sun rising or setting from just about anywhere – but it’s different in the desert. You can feel the sun so close – yet so far.

This photo was taken sometime before the sunset. I’m not sure if I can explain how great it feels to just sit back in the sand and observe the sun disappearing in the infinite landscape.

6. Photography in the Desert is Fun

Visitors Taking Photos of Sunset from Dubai Desert

My fellow tour members, busy taking photos of themselves and the sunset.

I always wonder how can people come up with different pose for their photos – something I always fail to do.

This photograph shows visitors who have climbed up to snap the best pictures of the sunset, the desert and of course, of their own.

7. This is Perfection

Wind Ripples in Dubai Desert

I don’t wish to say anything about this photo. Just enjoy the beauty of wind ripples. If this isn’t perfection, what is?

8. This is Perfection – 2

Ripple Marks in the Dubai Desert

A closer look at wind ripples in Dubai desert. Deserts are beautiful in their very own way, aren’t they? I never knew this until I actually visited a desert.

9. Sun – Right Before Sunset

Dubai Desert Sunset

The sun is about to set and we are about to leave. This is the time when you should just put your camera aside for a while, and interact with nature. I did the same, right after taking this photo. And trust me, it feels so relaxing to be away from the city and just being lost in the middle of nowhere – just you and the desert, talking about life!

10. It’s Me – Parvez

Parvezish in Dubai Desert

Let me end this photo diary by adding my own photograph. My driver offered to take this photo and so here it is. It’s me in the Dubai desert!

Just so you know, I am camera conscious and don’t like to get photographed much. As I mentioned earlier, I can never pose for a photo and most of my photos are awkward. I am trying to be more photogenic, but I’m sure it’s going to be a while before I can do so.

Meanwhile, I will leave this photo here.

Dubai Desert Safari Photos: Summing Up

That’s it, folks. These were 10 Dubai Desert Safari photos I wanted to share through my photo diary series. I hope you like these photographs as much as I liked being in this beautiful desert.

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I will be back with more updates from my journey. Till then, keep wandering, stay happy and travel awesome!

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