Dubai Diaries Day 1: First Glance at the City of Gold

Dubai Diaries Day 1: First Glance at the City of Gold

Hello and welcome to my Dubai Diaries! I will be sharing the travel logs of my 5-day trip to Dubai and show you what an amazing time I had there.

Every day I spent in Dubai was full of new experiences – and my very first day in this city of gold wasn’t an exception. I am excited to share the log of my first day in Dubai, so let me begin.

Arriving at Dubai International Airport

I flew to Dubai with Emirates Airline. Emirates – one of the world’s largest airlines – has a whole terminal (terminal 3) dedicated to its own flights to and from Dubai at Dubai International Airport (DXB). Dubai International Airport – on other hands – is the busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic.

I could see flights continuously landing and taking off minutes apart – giving an idea how busy this airport was.

Dubai International Airport is massive in size, too. After landing, I had to take a long walk before I could pass through immigration, collect my luggage and finally get out of the airport.

Dubai International Airport - Emirates Terminal

After collecting my luggage, I sat down in the waiting area and connected my phone to the free WiFi (available for 60 minutes) to find out where exactly I would find my hotel. The WiFi was easy to connect and high in speed.

I didn’t want to spend money on taxi fare so I went straight to the metro station, bought a silver Nol card and boarded a train to Al Rigga – the nearest station to my hotel (Although, later I found Union metro station to be the nearest one).

After a smooth metro ride to Al Rigga, I took a walk to my hotel – Comfort Inn, located in Deira area.

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Checking In, Taking Some Rest

After checking in at Comfort Inn, I landed straight on the bed to take some rest. I didn’t realize I slept for almost three hours – waking up at evening.

I prefer to get used to the place I am traveling to, by taking long walks on streets and observing the place. It helps me explore the place more closely and personally. This is exactly what I did in Dubai as well.

I just grabbed my wallet and phone – leaving my camera at the hotel – and started exploring the city on foot.

Exploring Dubai for the First Time

I explored the 2KM-long Al Rigga road on foot – starting from my hotel to Fish Roundabout, then from Fish Roundabout to Al Rigga mosque.

Al Rigga road is full of hotels, restaurants and cafes. If you are in search of a hotel – this is where you will find one that fits your budget. If you wish to savor into some local food delights, a number of local restaurants have got you covered. Shawarma? You’ve got it. Fast food? No problem, sir! Arabian, Indian, Phillipino, Korean food – you name it. You will find different restaurants – big and small – serving dishes from different parts of the world.

In case you fall short on cash, there are a number of money exchanges available here, too.

I noticed the clean roads and sidewalks. People were chilling out after their work. The sound of speeding supercars caught my attention multiple times.

I decided to end my walk by having dinner and I chose a small restaurant near Union metro station.

Shawarma! Enta Habibi!

Okay, I’m not sure if Enta Habibi (You’re my love or I love you) is the right Arabic term to showcase my love for this magical food (correct me, please). But just so you know in plain English, I love shawarma!

This Middle Eastern food item was the very first thing I wanted to try in Dubai and I did so. (Even Iron Man wanted to try some. Remember, The Avengers?) Walking across the road, I saw a restaurant serving shawarmas. I don’t remember the name of this place or its exact location, but I remember I was served some delicious food at an extremely small price.

Shawarma Wrap Dubai

The shawarma wrap served to me was plain awesome. Not that I never had it before, but this was different – in fact, better – than I ever had before. Cost? 6 Dirhams only!

I also tried some fried chicken (can’t remember which one) – which too, was delicious. Both items were served with pita bread, hummus, salad and ketchup. The quality of food was commendable and the best part was my bill – only 19 Dirhams!

After enjoying my food and having a small chit-chat with my attendant ( a guy from Kerala, India), I slowly began walking back at my hotel – observing everything along the way.

Dubai Diaries Day 1: Summing Up

My first day in Dubai – the city of gold – began with arriving at Dubai International Airport followed by checking in at my hotel and taking a three-hour nap. In evening, I went to explore nearby areas by walking down the streets.

My day ended with having dinner at a local restaurant – where I had some delicious shawarma and fried chicken at extremely low price.

That’s it, folks. This was the first part of my Dubai Diaries travel log. I will be back with more entries soon. Stay tuned.

PS: I would love to get your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to add your comments.