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Hello and welcome to Parvezish. I am glad that you are interested in working with me. On this page, you will find a little bit about my self, my life, my work, and ways we can work together.

About Me

I will try to keep this short.

I hit the road (sky?) in late 2016 in search of something that my life was lacking. It turned out that I lacked freedom on many levels. I realized I was happy travelling and I haven’t looked back since.

I am just a man on a pursuit of happiness. In doing so, I am breaking the stereotypes of the society which forces us to live our lives in certain ways. I advocate against anything/anyone that chains us against our wish. I believe one should be the in charge of their own life, their own decisions, their own happiness.

I am on a journey to explore the unexplored. Discovering places no one usually visits, meeting different people and hearing their stories, wining and dining with them is something I love the most about my travels.

On Parvezish, I document my travels, share my photographs, and inspire others to break free from their mediocre life if they feel the need of it.

Why Work with Me?

Right, why would you want to work with me? I will let you decide that.

On my part, I would like to add that if you are looking for an ambitious person with a passion for travel, photography, food, writing, and storytelling, you’re at the right place. is a place for people all over the world to find information and inspiration. Readers visit my website in search of interesting travel stories, information regarding a destination, guidance on planning their travel, and to read my take on different places through my detailed reviews.

I have a growing, small yet dedicated audience on my social media channels, too. I am mostly active on Instagram where I have over 1300 followers.

Another place where I share my stories is Flipboard where I have interesting magazines curated for readers. I have over 1000 followers on Flipboard and my Travel magazine reaches over 10K readers while its content has been ‘flipped’ over 50K times.

Channels I use less frequently are Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. I have no idea why am I using Twitter but I do find an audience there sometimes. My newly created Facebook page is growing slowly while my Pinterest boards reach about 4.6K visitors monthly on an average.

I do not buy traffic/followers or engage in other unethical ways of increasing my readership. I am happy with the slow-paced growth of my website and social media channels. is designed to be simple and straightforward giving user-experience the most priority. It’s powered by an ultra-fast hosting as well as a robust CDN service.

As a person with IT background, I have paid attention to my site’s security, speed, layout, fonts, and other optimization to provide my readers a wonderful experience.

If you think your company or product can fit somewhere in-between, then we can absolutely work together. If you can’t seem to fit in, let me know and we shall figure something out.

Services I Can Offer

I have a few services I can offer to organizations, brands or individuals. Here’s the list:

I can publish a sponsored article about your organization or a product. The sponsored article will contain a link or two back to your website or product page as desired.

I would love to work with tourism departments and tour operators to promote a destination or a tour/activity. I can help create campaigns for promotions.

Feel free to invite me to conferences, group discussions etc. I would love to speak in front of an engaging audience. I can deliver a motivational speech, share my travel and success stories, and inspire others to achieve their goals.

I will be glad to visit your property personally and publish a detailed review along with photographs. I can try your product/service and publish a detailed review for it, too.

I personally love to review hotels, restaurants, cafes, shop, airlines etc. I also review apps, tours, activities etc.

My reviews are genuine and based on personal experience. I will also provide useful feedback and suggestions that can improve your service.

I can do a photo shoot for your business, product or event. I would also love to accompany you on your trip and do photography for you as you go.

My dream is to join a band on a tour and be part of a movie making process for documentation purpose. If you can offer me such opportunity, I will be more than glad to join you.

Some of my photographs are available for sale.

I can place banners advertising your product in different parts of my website. Banners can be linked to your website or a product page. Slots for banner ads are available on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis for a fixed price.

Online presence
I have expertise with TripAdvisor,,,, and Google to name a few where I can help hotels, restaurants, cafes etc. to establish and maintain their online presence.

I can also help you with the development of your website, web hosting, email service, booking portal etc.

I am open for any other project I am offered if I think I am the right person for it. Explain your requirement and we will find a way to work on it.

Free services
I have a few things I offer for free.

I am a good listener. If I happen to be at your place, I would love to have a meaningful conversation with you. I can also tell you my travel stories for free! I do some happiness counselling, too. (Seriously, that’s a thing.)

Need guidance about travel life? I will be glad to share my experiences. Want to get rid of your mediocre life? Let me know and I will tell you why and how I did it.

Work Ethics and Terms

When it comes to working professionally, I abide by some ethics, terms, and methods of working.

  • I do not advertise products or services directly related to tobacco, alcohol, adult content, gambling or violence.
  • I do not accept link exchange. Please don’t send me proposals to put your links – free or paid – on my website.
  • If I publish a review, the review will be based on my own experience. I will not publish a positive review just because we have agreed to work on a review.
  • Reviews or sponsored articles are not published immediately. I have to follow my schedule and make room for your content.
  • I do not provide photographs to businesses in case of a review. I will provide photographs only if we agree on a photo shoot.
  • I will politely refuse to work with a brand I don’t feel right to work with. My decisions are based on my ethics and beliefs, and I will not promote anything that goes against them.
  • All content published as a part of my professional service remains copyrighted. Prior permission is required in order to re-use the content. In case of a photo shoot, I am entitled to a credit for the photography.

Let’s Get in Touch

I am always looking for organizations, brands, and individuals to work with. If you think we can work something out, then use the form below to send a message. I will get in touch at the earliest.

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