About Me

I am an aspiring street and documentary photographer from Ahmedabad photographing cultures, traditions, rituals, and life in the constantly changing world around me.

Parvez Shaikh - Documentary Photographer and Travel Writer

I have worked as an IT specialist before abruptly bringing my career to an end in 2015. My journey into the world of photography began in late 2016 as I began travelling around Asia, soon developing into an attachment with street and documentary-styles.

Beside street and documentary-style photography, I click environmental and street portraiture.

I consider myself a ‘student for life’ and I believe what makes a picture great is what’s in front of the camera, what’s behind the camera, but never the camera.

Going forward, I intend to do work where my photographs can help gather attention and spark a conversation. I am available for commissioned projects, assignments, collaborations, discussions about photography, and photo walks.

Some recent projects:

Email: contact@parvezish.com | Phone: +91 0 9099 810 817

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