About Me

I am an aspiring street-documentary photographer with interest in exploring the differences – and similarities – between people, religions, cultures, and traditions.

Parvez Shaikh - Documentary Photographer and Travel Writer

I grew up in Ahmedabad as a teenager who spent most of his time with a computer. I received my training in Information Technology and started professional life as a System Administrator.

After realising that following the idea of the ‘perfect life’ wasn’t working for me, I left my job and later on decided to travel — a decision that lifted me up from the front of a computer screen and put me out in the world.

Since 2016, I have travelled around Asia, spending most of my time in Nepal and India. My interest in photography developed further during this time and slowly transitioned into street and documentary-style photography I do today.

Through travelling, writing, and photography, I want to explore, document, and present a world without stereotypes and prejudices — a world that’s real, genuine, and humane. I intend to explore and document cultures, traditions, rituals, habits, taboos, and everything else that makes us who we are.

To achieve these goals, I would like to work with individuals and organisations who can relate to my work. If you or someone you know has the experience, expertise, resources or opportunities in regards with it, please get in touch.

Some recent projects:

Email: contact@parvezish.com | Phone: +9109099810817

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