Crowded, polluted, noisy, chaotic — many people have described Kathmandu in different terms to me. Although these terms define the capital of Nepal quite correctly, every time I visit Kathmandu, I manage to find peace in different parts of the city.

One such place is Kathmandu’s Durbar Square, which is usually packed with devotees visiting temples, awestruck and curious tourists, playful children, elderly people enjoying their chats, and hundreds of pigeons. Walking through the busy roads of Kathmandu, making your way through the forever-bustling streets of Thamel — when you enter Durbar Square, you enter a completely different world. The traffic, noise, crowd — you leave everything behind and appreciate peace, calm, and solace.

Walking around Kathmandu and paying Durbar Square a visit every time I am in the city is something I dearly enjoy as much as I enjoy capturing the beauty of the city on camera. The colours, the patterns, the architecture, the festivals — there’s so much to observe. During these walks, I have had a pleasure of having short encounters with interesting people and with every visit, I feel like falling in love with the city over and again. During my most recent visit to Kathmandu, I observed Indra Jatra – one of the biggest festivals of Nepal – during the uncertainness in place by the Covid-19 pandemic.

This album consists of photographs taken during my multiple visits to Kathmandu.