Street Photography

My approach to street photography is to document what is happening in and around the streets. There is no isolated, dark figure in a large frame; there is no intentional play of light and shadow; there is no waiting at a place for someone to walk by. I am mostly on the move, observing, taking interest in what’s going on, having small conversations, sharing cups of tea, and documenting how life in the streets is.

Empty, lifeless streets during multiple ‘lockdowns’ in the last two years of the pandemic has strengthened my belief in the importance of documenting life in the streets. I don’t care if my street photographs are ‘creative,’ if they ‘interesting,’ or if they can pass as ‘street photographs’ at all. The act of documenting the life around me itself outweighs the need for me to follow ‘rules’ and ‘standards’ of street photography – if they exist at all.

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