When I visited Nepal in 2017 for the first time, I had nearly a month of rough ‘plan’ about places I would visit. I could not have imagined when I reached Pokhara that the city will not only keep me but also call me over and over again in the coming years.

It was in Pokhara I met Joe who became more than terms like friend, guide, advisor can define. He became one of my reasons to visit Nepal every year since then. It was with him and his wife I spent some eight months during the Covid-19 pandemic. Coincidently, I was once again in Pokhara when the deadly second wave hit in 2021. It was from Joe I understood that I was a ‘wild rover’ like he once used to be.

Pokhara is also where I met Michel from Canada in 2019. He and his wife Marie Lyne saw something in my photographs that I could not see and advised me to continue pursuing it. Pokhara is where I always felt at home, where I had people I would call friends. It was here where during the first wave of the pandemic the isolation led me to conceive my project Mono No Aware.

This album is a collection of photographs I have taken in Pokhara during my numerous visits.