It has been a great month in Malaysia, which I spent in Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, and George Town. During these 30 days, I had a chance to observe Ramadan and Hari Raya celebrations, visiting different mosques and temples, dining with a family as well as trying some delicious food at different cafes.

In George Town, I spent my time walking around the streets, visiting a 232-year-old Protestant cemetery and the Bukit China burial ground, and admiring the street art spread across the town. On my last night in Malaysia, I even got punched by a stranger — making my time even more ‘memorable’ in the country.

Now it’s my time to move on and experience whatever is waiting for me in Vietnam, my next destination. With every country I visit, I publish a collection of my favourite photographs I took along the way. It’s my way of saying “thank you” to the country and its people for their love, support, and hospitality which makes my journey worthwhile.

This album is a collection of some of my favourite pictures I took during my month-long visit to Malaysia.

Year: 2018

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Masjid Jamek Kuala Lumpur
Celebrating Hari Raya at Masjid Jamek
The Guandi Temple in Kuala Lumpur
The Guandi Temple in Kuala Lumpur – II
View of Malacca from Saint Paul Church
National Mosque of Malaysia Minaret
Statue of St Francis Xavier with broken arm at Saint Paul Church in Malacca
Saint Paul Church Malacca
Hari Raya decorations
A man working at a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.
A man at a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur
A man waiting to receive his order at a restaurant – I
A man waiting to receive his order at a restaurant – II
A woman at a temple
A woman with umbrella
A man selling street food during Ramdan
Man talking on phone
An apartment in Kuala Lumpur
Dry fish being sold at a market in Kuala Lumpur
People in Kuala Lumpur shopping for Eid – known as Hari Raya in Malaysia
Man at a street food stall, Kuala Lumpur
Copy. Cat. Copycat
A woman on swing, Kuala Lumpur city center
A woman helping her friend enjoy swing
A man in Kuala Lumpur
That woman in Kuala Lumpur – I
That woman in Kuala Lumpur – II
A Buddhist temple in Malaka, Malaysia
Qaryah Masjid Jamek, Penang
Tanjung Bungah Floating Mosque, George Town – II
A temple in Kuala Lumpur
Masjid Kampung Kling, Malacca
Melaka Straits Mosque aka Masjid Selat
Saidina Abu Bakar As Siddiq Mosque
Temple curves
Woman at a temple in Penang
Man at a temple in George Town
Man smoking at a temple in George Town
People praying at a temple in Penang
Resting – I
Resting – II
Mechanic – I
Mechanic – II
A man busy fixing his bicycle
Man at work, George Town, Penang
20 Leith Street, George Town, Penang
A street in George Town
The grave of Ethel Amy Clark
Abandoned building of Shih Chung Branch School in George Town, Penang
At a temple in George Town – I
At a temple in George Town – II
Solstice in paradise – II
Women at Masjid Selat, Malacca
Phuck the system. Phuck, the system.
At sand dunes of Malacca
Poster for a paint
Sand dunes of Malacca
A cat passing by the Harry Putter mural, Malacca
What’s the time? Ice cream time
Spicy Popiah – Malaysian spring rolls
Popiah – Malaysian spring rolls
Street food in Kuala Lumpur
Durian in Kuala Lumpur
Man finds a pen box – I
Man finds a pen box – II
Man finds a pen box – III
Man finds a pen box – IIII