From a mask-maker posing in his dim-lit shop surrounded by masks to a farmer beginning to sing and dance as he gets photographed, many of my portraits are environmental portraits. I prefer the idea of people being comfortable in their space as they are photographed. I attempt to photograph people the way they want to be seen rather than how the photographer wants to see them.

“May I photograph you?” As I ask this question – either using words or by gestures – many people tend to become stiff while many others have their own pose that they prefer to be photographed in. They also come up with objects they would like to hold or to be present in the picture. The expression that follows as people see themselves on camera screen or in print is priceless.

A successful, interesting portrait to me is the one where people can express how they feel, where they are themselves. This collection is an attempt to stand true to that.

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March 2020, Kathmandu: A ‘sadhu’ poses for a picture
November 2020, Pokhara: A young girl posing for a picture in her festive clothes ahead of Tihar festival
Portrait of a girl at a village in Da Lat, Vietnam.
October 2018, Pushkar: A young boy at Pushkar fair ground smiles as he poses for a picture
July 2021, Pokhara, Nepal: A sadhu posing for a picture in a residential neighbourhood
2018, Ajmer, Rajasthan: A milkman with orange turban and big moustache smiles at camera
2018, Ajmer, Rajasthan: A milkman in colourful turban poses for a picture
October 2018, Pushkar: A ‘sadhu’ poses for a portrait at Pushkar Ghat, Rajasthan
A man sitting outside his house, Bardiya village, Nepal.
A street vendor poses for a picture after her broken binocular is somewhat fixed by the photographer.
A woman poses for a picture in front of the Japanese Bridge in Hoi An, Vietnam.
July 2018, Hoi An, Vietnam: A floating candle seller’s face lit up by candle light
July 2019, Pokhara: A young Nepali girl at a wedding poses for a picture
A girl at a wedding in Pokhara, Nepal asks to be photographed.
A young girl in Pokhara, Nepal poses for a picture
Girls wearing Ao Dai costume pose for a picture in Hoi An.