Streets of Bangkok

Streets of Bangkok -- Photo-series by Parvez Shaikh
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I entered the world of photography in late 2016 at a time when I had never thought of buying a camera. After leaving my professional life behind, I started to travel when I had no clue what to do with my life. I bought a Canon 1300D camera and carried it along everywhere I went.

Since my first trip to Kutch, Gujarat with my camera, I have continued to dig deeper into photography. After trips to UAE, Nepal, and Bhutan, I learnt that I am more interested into people and their stories.

After Bhutan, I visited Bangkok — a city I believe is a heaven for street photography (and street food, of course). Still in my early days of photography, I walked around the streets of Bangkok, trying to overcome the shyness and hesitance with approaching people or shooting them candid.

The city helped me open up in many ways and it’s also where I bought my first lens — a Canon 50mm — after having realised my love for street and portrait photography.

In this photo-series, I am sharing some of the pictures I clicked in the streets of Bangkok at a time when I was new to this fascinating world of photography. There was no theme, no perspective, and no technical knowledge involved — just the love for photography.

Streets of Bangkok

A lottery vendor in Bangkok

A Woman Dressed in Traditional Dress in Bangkok

A Man at a Public Telephone Booth in Bangkok

Tourists in Bangkok Waiting for their Boat

Torists on a Boat in Bangkok

Group of Tourists in Bangkok

A Ladyboy Hugs a Man in a Street of Bangkok

An Aged Man Poses for a Photograph in Streets of Bangkok

An Aged Man Smiling at Camera in A Street of Bangkok

Police Personnels in Bangkok

A Man Somewhere in Bangkok

A Young Street Vendor in Bangkok

A Thai Man in a Vehicle in Streets of Bangkok

A Woman Photographed in A Street of Bangkok

A Woman Photographed Laughing at Patpong Night Market

A Woman in Front of a Bar at Patpong Night Market

A Man Who Owns a Tattoo Parlour in Bangkok

A Drunk Man Taking a Nap in Bangkok

Locals Pose for a Photograph

A Group of Girls in Front of a Bar at Soi Cowboy Night Market

A Group of Young Girls at Soi Cowboy Night Market in Bangkok

A Black Cat on a Tin Roof Somewhere in Bangkok

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