Overwhelming, frustrating, draining, confusing yet fascinating, charming, exotic, and rewarding – India is blessed with many wonders. When someone tells me with a spark in their eyes that they have seen India, I have a little smile on my face. I often ask, “which one?” A stark contrast is hard to ignore between India’s many cultures, traditions, languages, cuisines and what not. Then there is economic, religious, political and other divide that is on display.

I have had my fair share of like-dislike relation with India, even though I am a native of the land. The more I look at it, the more it surprises me. And I think the best way to enjoy India is to enjoy it as a tourist – by being curious, being a ‘visitor’ of the country who is fascinated by what actually is the daily life in India. And walking around with a camera lets me do that.

A collection of images taken since 2016, this growing album showcases how I see India – and Indians.

2016 – Ongoing