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5 Affiliate Programs that Actually Make Me Money from My Travel Blog

5 Affiliate Programs that Actually Make Me Money from My Travel Blog
I have tried a number of programs but here are 5 affiliate programs that actually help me make money from my travel blog.

I remember when I started blogging a few years ago as a teenager. I had absolutely no idea about running a blog – and making money from it. In fact, making money didn’t use to be a goal for most bloggers at that time.

Things have changed a lot since then. I stopped blogging and went on to live a mediocre life. When I came back to the world of blogging a few years later, things were different. Blogging was not just a hobby to pass your time. It had become a serious thing, people were taking bloggers seriously.

And one thing that attracted so many people towards blogging is the potential to make money. Yes, bloggers make some good chunk of money and they work hard for it. When we talk about making money from a blog, it brings us to one of the most sought after ways of doing so – becoming an affiliate.

Affiliate programs are pretty simple: As an affiliate, you advertise a range of products a company has to offer. A potential buyer comes to your website, reads your post, and clicks a link that takes him to the website of the seller. If the potential buyer buys a product after following your link, you earn a commission on the sale.

For every type of bloggers including travel bloggers like me, affiliate programs are very rewarding. There are a number of affiliate programs you can sign up for. But in this article, I will show you just 5 affiliate programs that actually help me make money from my blog.

Travel tip: Booking your hotel rooms in advance can lead to better rates and help you avoid the last minute rush.

1. Booking.com

Priceline Group’s Booking.com is undoubtedly one of the most well-known brands in the travel industry. Millions of people search and book rooms via Booking.com.

The brand’s trust and the potential to convert buyers is what makes Booking.com one of my favorites. In fact, it was the first affiliate program I applied for when I began my blog.

Booking.com Affiliate Program

Whenever I travel to a new place, I stay in different types of accommodation and then publish a detailed review about them. In my reviews, I include a Booking.com affiliate link. When a traveler reads my review and books a room, it counts as a referral. When a traveler completes his stay with the hotel, it earns me my commission.

I recommend Booking.com affiliate program for their straightforward approval process, easy to use tools, and quick payments.

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2. Jetradar (Travelpayouts)

What is the first thing I search online when I am planning a trip? I search for flights. Every traveler who wants to fly to a country will have to book a flight and flying is usually a costly affair.

Thanks to a number of trusted online portals or search engines, travelers are now able to book their flights at attractive rates. These search engines can show you cheapest day to fly, ideal airline to fly with as well as other tips to help you find the best flight.

Travelpayouts Affiliate Program

Jetradar is one of my favorite services when it comes to searching cheap flights. The search engine compares flight prices from a number of providers and airlines and you can book the one that fits your expectation.

As a travel blogger, you can direct your readers to the search engine where they will book a flight or two – earning you a percentage of the profit.

Jetradar affiliate program runs under the Travelpayouts umbrella where they have easy to use tools you can use on your blog. You can also create a complete white-label flight (and hotel) search engine and put operate it under your own brand name.

I have created my own flight search engine where my readers can search for cheap flights. In fact, they can search a flight without even leaving my website.

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3. GetYourGuide

Different places have activities and attractions unique to them. It could be a desert safari in Africa or reaching the top of Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building. These activities attract tourists from all over the world who spend money and help the economy.

Gone are the days when you booked an activity via phone or after reaching your destination. Just like hotels, you can book activities in advance. This is when GetYourGuide comes in picture.

GetYourGuide Affiliate Program

GetYourGuide provides thousands of activities in different countries which travelers can book in advance. GYG takes care of payment and booking. If you happen to enjoy some activities, you can publish their list and suggest them to your reader.

Rest of the things remain same. That is, a tourist visits the place, completes an activity and you earn a commission.

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4. Amazon Associates

People search for flights, hotels, and activities. They might also be interested in car rentals and insurance. As a travel blogger, you will help your readers find the best of all these services. That’s great. But you can also help your readers find products they will carry while traveling.

And when it comes to advertising end-user products, I trust Amazon. Amazon is simply one of the most well-known and trusted brands out there. When you advertise products, say in reviews, your readers will be interested in buying them. You can redirect these readers to the product page on Amazon and when their order ships, you earn a small percentage from the order.

Amazon Associates Program

Amazon lives up to the trust customers and affiliate partners put in them. They issue payments on time and come up with different programs to help you earn more.

You can literally advertise the whole Amazon product portfolio. It doesn’t matter if you are a travel blogger and advertise a diaper brand that you trust for your baby. Every sale you drive to Amazon will earn you a commission.

I will suggest you stick to a niche, though. Promoting travel gear, backpacks, photography equipment etc. that you trust will help you drive more sales on Amazon. Why? Because you are a travel blogger and your readers are expecting you write about things you use while traveling. They might not be interesting about a product you use at home to decorate your bedroom.

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5. SiteGround Hosting

When new bloggers are thinking about starting a blog, they look at other bloggers’ success for inspiration. They will be more interested in using products, tools, and services those successful bloggers trust and recommend.

I am a proud SiteGround customer and I like to tell my readers about it. Their plans are affordable, they have a passionate team of employees and their services are simply awesome.

Siteground Affiliate Program

When my readers – fellow bloggers come in looking for a better host to speed-up their site, I direct them to SiteGround. Each sale I generate will earn me a really good commission.

The success of your blogging career will partly depend on how fast and reliable your blog is. A robust hosting provider is a must-have to succeed in your blogging career. If you are looking for a better host for your blog, think of none other than SiteGround. I’m sure you will love their services.

And when you do end up being their customer, you can start advertising them to your readers, as well. If you like a service, why not tell everyone about it, right?

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Bonus: KeyCDN

Okay, I will give you a bonus here. A fast and reliable hosting from SitGround is amazing. But every host has their limitation. They can serve audience near their data center location faster. But as a travel blogger, I cater to an audience that is spread across the world.

For this reason, I want my blog to be quick in not only one but possibly all locations. A CDN or Content Delivery Network helps me with that.

KeyCDN Affiliate Program

CDN providers like KeyCDN have a datacenter in multiple locations where they mirror your website’s data. When a visitor comes to your website, he will be served data from the location closest to him. This dramatically speeds-up the time it takes to load your page.

If you are serious about your blogging career and want to invest in services to make your blog even more awesome, you should count on a CDN service. KeyCDN is reliable and affordable. They offer ‘pay as you go’ plans and for a budget as low as $49 a year, you can offer your readers a fast blog to enjoy.

By promoting KeyCDN’s service, I don’t directly earn money. I earn credits. When someone signs-up for a KeyCDN trial and then becomes a paying member, I earn credit that keeps my CDN account running. It simply means that if I keep driving sales, I don’t have to pay for my CDN service.

You too, can do exactly the same.

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Affiliate Programs that Actually Make Me Money: Summary

There are a number of affiliate programs to join. But not all of them would be rewarding to your niche. I have been using different affiliate programs for a while now. But aforementioned ones are those that actually make me a good amount of money from my travel blog.

Affiliate programs might not help you make a fortune. But they can make you some money to boost your confidence about continuing your blogging career. I have been using these programs and getting such rewarding results that I don’t even display advertisements on my blog.

If you too are looking for affiliate networks that just works, start using any or all five of these programs and start making money. Not to mention that all these programs are free to join.

Before you apply for these affiliate programs, make sure you have a working website with genuine content. These programs have an approval process and they will not like incomplete websites.

What about you? Which affiliate programs are you using? Do all of them help you a good amount of money? Share your tips with me.

That’s it, folks! This was Parvez and you were reading 5 Affiliate Programs that Actually Make Me Money from My Travel Blog on Parvezish. I hope you found this article worth your time and I would like to thank you for reading.

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  • I found this really useful, Parvez. Been scartching my hair out with so many affiliate programs from Affiliate Window to CJ Network – but your list above is simple and better. Thank you, Lee from Lads Holiday Guide.

    • Hi, Lee. Thanks a lot for your comment.
      There are many affiliate programs but these are some of the programs I found working better for me.
      What about you? Which affiliate programs do you use?

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