Portrait of a City: Ahmedabad

Although my जन्मभूमि (birthplace), I had not come closer to Ahmedabad until I walked the familiar streets with a camera. Be it the architecture, food, culture – and now the UNESCO World Heritage status, Ahmedabad is indeed unique for many reasons. This ongoing album is my most intimate encounter with the city where I have spent three decades of my life. Through architecture, culture, markets, streets, and more, I attempt to showcase the daily life of Ahmedabad.

Years: 2020 – Ongoing

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March 2022, Ahmedabad: A man praying at Ashtapad Jain temple
May 2022, Ahmedabad: Muslim men offering Eid al Fitra prayers at Jama mosque
February 2022, Ahmedabad: Inside one of the pols
December 2020, Ahmedabad: An auto rickshaw passes through Teen Darwaza
June 2022, Ahmedabad: Rani Rupmati mosque
July 2022, Ahmedabad: An auto-rickshaw passing under an over bridge
July 2022, Ahmedabad: The Sabarmati river as seen from Nehru Bridge
December 2020, Ahmedabad: A man enters Jama Mosque for prayer
November 2021, Ahmedabad: House in a pol
December 2021, Ahmedabad: Sidi Saiyyed mosque and its reflection in wudu khana or ablution pond
November 2021, Ahmedabad: Houses inside a pol
December 2020, Ahmedabad: Clothes being sold under Teen Darwaza
Boy with a big kite photographed at Jama mosque during kite festival celebration
March 2021, Ahmedabad: A woman praying at Shah-e-Aalam shrine
A crowd of devotees during the daily gum benzoin or frankincense burning ritual. Burning gum benzoin is a common daily or ceremonial practice in Indian households, temples, and shrines.
December 2021, Ahmedabad: A man sitting by a pillar of an old mosque
December 2021, Ahmedabad: A man applies sandalwood paste on his forehead at a Jain temple aka ‘derasar’
December 2021: An elderly woman sitting in sun outside her house in one of the pols of Ahmedabad
A woman standing in the balcony of her house in a pol
December 2021, Ahmedabad: A man sitting in the sun
November 2021 – A woman talking on phone outside an old building in Ahmedabad
May 2022, Ahmedabad: A street food vendor places a paan in his mouth
June 2022, Ahmedabad: Men washing parts of an air cooler
Curious kids look at the camera. Ahmedabad.
December 2021, Ahmedabad: A man barely avoids running into a woman carrying heavy weight over her head
March 2021, Ahmedabad: A man buying chickens at Sunday market where different breeds of chickens are available for sale at highly varying prices
December 2021, Ahmedabad: A man brings back empty bottles of purified water
A sewing machine mechanic working inside his small shop
A tailor working by his house
An elderly woman photographed at Ahmedabad’s Sunday market
A man working at a parking lot counting money
Shanti Kaka – who in late eighties – performs engraving work on metal plates with remarkable perfection and dedication.
December 2020, Ahmedabad: People collect food donated by Jalaram Temple
Men who invited me over for a cup of tea.
A mother and her little girl photographed in Ahmedabad.
December 2020, Ahmedabad: Luna, once a popular two wheller, parked inside a pol