Portrait of a City: Ahmedabad

Although my जन्मभूमि (birthplace), I had not come closer to Ahmedabad until I walked the familiar streets with a camera. Be it the architecture, food, culture – and now the UNESCO World Heritage status, Ahmedabad is indeed unique for many reasons. This ongoing album is my most intimate encounter with the city where I have spent three decades of my life. Through architecture, culture, markets, streets, and more, I attempt to showcase the daily life of Ahmedabad.

Years: 2020 – Ongoing

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July 2022, Ahmedabad: An auto-rickshaw and under-construction metro
The main gate and base of minarets of Rani Rupmati Mosque
December 2020, Ahmedabad: A man praying at Jama Mosque
Built of yellow sandstones, the Jama Mosque was built by King Ahmad Shah – I, the founder of Ahmedabad.
The Akha Bhagat Chowk at Desai Ni Pole, Ahmedabad.
A heritage building in Ahmedabad.
An illustration of Hindu deities Lord Rama, his wife Sita, his brother Lakshmana, and Lord Hanumana.
A flour shop an old building. Ahmedabad.
An auto rickshaw in Ahmedabad
An old house in Ahmedabad.
A closer look at Hutheesing Jain Temple entrance
Carvings at Hutheesing Jain Temple – II
Carvings at Hutheesing Jain Temple – III
One of the windows of Rani Rupmati Mosque, Ahmedabad.
The Hatkeshwar Mahadev temple in Ahmedabad.
Base of a minaret of Rani Rupmati Mosque
Adalaj stepwell also known as Rudabai stepwell, Ahmedabad
A 93-year-old woman in Ahmedabad
June 2022, Ahmedabad: Water sprays being sold at IIM Road
A man who exchanges utensils for clothes talking to a woman
A staircase in a ‘pole’
A woman waits to exchange her clothes for utensils
A heritage house at Dhal Ni Pole
A heritage house at Dhal No Pole, Ahmedabad
A house named ‘Amrut Bhavan’ at Upli Sheri in Ahmedabad
A house help working outside a house in narrow lanes of Dhal Ni Pole
A woman enters Upli Sheri. In Gujarati, Upli means ‘the higher one’ and Sheri means ‘street.’
A woman checks plastic tubs and other things
A woman preparing grains the tradition way. Grains prepared this way are usually used for a dish called ‘Khichra’
A municipality health worker at a rapid Covid-19 test booth in Ahmedabad poses for a picture.
March 2021, Ahmedabad: A chicken up for sale at Sunday Market seems intrigued by the camera
March 2021, Ahmedabad: A woman at Sunday Market poses for a picture
A sadhu seeking alms in street of Ahmedabad
A woman in Ahmedabad
A sari along with other clothes drying outside balcony of a house in Upli Sheri, Ahmedabad
A street vendor selling handmade wind chimes in front of the Bhadra Fort, Ahmedabad.
A man at Jalaram Temple in Ahmedabad fries puris as ‘maharaj’ or the head chef observes.
A man washes hands after having food donated by a temple.
A girl applies lipstick to her brother’s lips. Ahmedabad.
A girl seems happy to see his brother with lipstick.
A young girl working at a flower market in Ahmedabad.
A common sight in Ahmedabad during the month preceding the Makar Sankranti or kite festival that’s celebrated on 14th January.