Since primary school days, I had known Nepal as a neighbouring country. Years later, I came to know I could visit Nepal without a visa – even crossing the border almost unnoticed. And it wasn’t hard to make a decision to visit soon thereafter.

Before my first visit in 2017, Nepal had been through a massive earthquake in 2015, a decade-long civil war, and an era of political instability. One of the world’s most dangerous roads and airport, crime, mugging incidents, to avoid travelling alone – these were some of the things I had read before and during my first visit.

During that first, just a month-long visit, I had not known this land would call me back again and again. In the following years, Nepal became my true कर्मभुमि where I spent months at times, including the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. In recent years, I have attended a shaman festival at Gosaikunda lake, Indra Jatra in Kathmandu, rice planting festival more than once, and many weddings in Nepal.

For teaching me patience, helping me become confident, further extending my interest in photography, and rewarding me with great experiences, Nepal remains special. This album is an effort to showcase the beauty of the land where I feel at home.

Years: 2017 – Ongoing