Since primary school days, I had known Nepal as a neighbouring country. Years later, I came to know I could visit Nepal without a visa – even crossing the border almost unnoticed. And it wasn’t hard to make a decision to visit soon thereafter.

Before my first visit in 2017, Nepal had been through a massive earthquake in 2015, a decade-long civil war, and an era of political instability. One of the world’s most dangerous roads and airport, crime, mugging incidents, to avoid travelling alone – these were some of the things I had read before and during my first visit.

During that first, just a month-long visit, I had not known this land would call me back again and again. In the following years, Nepal became my true कर्मभुमि where I spent months at times, including the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. In recent years, I have attended a shaman festival at Gosaikunda lake, Indra Jatra in Kathmandu, rice planting festival more than once, and many weddings in Nepal.

For teaching me patience, helping me become confident, further extending my interest in photography, and rewarding me with great experiences, Nepal remains special. This album is an effort to showcase the beauty of the land where I feel at home.

Years: 2017 – Ongoing

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September 2021, Kathmandu: A woman sitting by the Swet Bhairab statue that has been opened for worship during the Indra Jatra festival
September 2021, Kathmandu, Nepal: Kathmandu’s Kumari in a palanquin during Indra Jatra celebrations
August 2021, Nepal: A shaman poses for a picture by the Gosainkunda lake during Nepal’s annual shaman festival
August 2021, Gosainkunda, Nepal: A shaman on her way to Trishul Dhara to perform rituals during the yearly shaman festival
August 2021, Nepal: A woman recites verses while participates in a shamanic ritual at Trishul Dhara
A young woman looks at the camera as she observes the shamans performing rituals
August 2021, Nepal: A shaman sprinkling holy water collected in a decorated metal jug at Trishul Dhara
Shamans sing and play ‘dhyangro’ shamanic drum
August 2021, Nepal: A young shaman looks at the camera as he participates in shaman festival at Trishul Dhara
August 2021: Two ‘sadhus’ from India photographed at Nepal’s Gosainkunda lake during the annual shaman festival
A man working at DDC cheese production centre, Sing Gompa
September 2021,Kathmandu: A mask maker and seller poses for a picture inside his shop
April 2021, Pokhara: Men returning from a ritual
August 2021: A man in Gosaikunda, Nepal
Devotees on their way to Gosaikunda riding on ponies
Fog approaching Gosaikunda lake
July 2021, Pokhara, Nepal: Silhouette of men fishing at Phewa lake
September 2021, Kathmandu, Nepal: A masked man performs a dance during Indra Jatra celebrations
September 2021, Kathmandu, Nepal: A man burning clay lamps in front of the Kal Bhairab statue inside the Durbar Square complex
August 2021, Nepal: A woman poses for a picture in Begnas lake area
June 2021: A farmer poses for a picture as he takes break from ploughing the field during Nepal’s rice planting festival
June 2021, Nepal: A farmer sings and dances during the rice planting festival
September 2021, Kathmandu, Nepal: A woman lighting up a wick
September 2021, Kathmandu, Nepal: Girls selling balloons inside Durbar Square complex during Indra Jatra celebrations
September 2021, Kathmandu: Devotees try to catch blesses flowers and leaves thrown by men during Indra Jatra festival
October 2020, Pokhara: Women trying to feed water to a possibly dehydrated chicken they have bought
October 2020, Pokhara: A cow drinks cola served by a man
July 2021, Pokhara, Nepal: A sculpture artist working inside his shop.
March 2020, Bhaktapur, Nepal: Women using cotton spinning wheel at Bhaktapur Durbar Square area
October 2020, Pokhara: People in a busy street walk past an elderly woman who has fallen asleep on the sidewalk
July 2021, Pokhara: Husband and wife at their shop
July 2021, Pokhara, Nepal: A young man in the process of making momos.
September 2021, Kathmandu: A man fixing a fault in overhead cable lines
September 2021, Kathmandu: A man covers himself in sheet as he performs a street act
September 2021, Kathmandu: A man sitting by a temple inside Durbar Square complex
July 2021, Pokhara, Nepal: An elderly man reads a newspaper inside a shop as news plays on a radio with makeshift antenna.
A man in busy street of Kathmandu lighting a cigarette
September 2021, Nepal: A man helps transport heavy goods through busy streets of Kathmandu
April 2019, Pokhara: Portrait of a Nepali woman
A woman at a wedding in Pokhara, Nepal.
August 2019, Pokhara, Nepal: Laxmi, a young girl working with her mother in an open field, takes a break to be photographed
July 2021, Pokhara, Nepal: Broken signboad of a restaurant that was closed during the Covid-19 pandemic
September 2021, Kathmandu: A meat shop in Ason market